How to Save Yahoo emails from Yahoo mail to Computer

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Yahoo mail is one of the earliest and widely used free email hosting platforms. Yahoo mail was introduced in the year 1997 and has still 200 million active users. But in the last few years, Yahoo has lost its fame and reputation among its users. In the year 2016, there was a report that showed the number of users accounts was hacked. Due to which users export their Yahoo mails to different email clients such as Outlook, Computers, USB and hard drives. So in this niche, I will discuss reasons and methods to save emails from Yahoo mail to Computer.

Before we move ahead, it is important to understand the need to store Yahoo emails to Computers.

Why we need to export Yahoo email to Computer?

  • Every user must backup Yahoo mail to the Computers. So that it could be accessed easily whenever required.
  • The Yahoo accounts are easily vulnerable to the hacker, and important information could be corrupted by the hackers which leads to severe loss.
  • If there is any malicious virus attack, you will have to face data-loss and you may have to pay a high cost to recover them. And sometimes even after paying a lot, you will not be able to retrieve the data.
  • So, to protect yourself from such a terrible or depressing situation, it is important to store all your Yahoo emails to local storage devices.

Manual Methods to Save Yahoo emails to Computer:

There are two methods to move Yahoo mail to Computers are :

  • Manual methods
  • Automated methods

Manual Methods:

Method 1: Yahoo mails can be exported to Computers by using POP/IMAP Yahoo mail settings:

Yahoo emails can be initiated to the Computer by using IMAP and POP3 protocol setting options.

imap pand pop3 protocol setting

Method 2. Use Mozilla Thunderbird to export Yahoo mails to Computer:

  • Go to the menu and click on add account.
  • Then hit on the Server Setting Options and go to the account settings input the Account information.
  • Now in the server name field input the
  • Input the port number field and check the connection security whether it is SSL/TLS or not.
  • Finally, the entire Yahoo mails are saved to the Computers.

Method 3: Save Yahoo mails to the Computer using MS Outlook:

  • Go to the account section and access the account and choose the Yahoo Mail Option.
  • Use the server configuration information to put the details of the Yahoo Mail account.
  • Enter the server details along with the POP and IMAP settings and corresponding port numbers. Confirm the security connection as SSL/TLS.
  • Now you are enabled to save the entire Yahoo mails to the Computer.

Consequences of Manual Methods:

The manual method is good to go as you don’t need to pay any cost further. But along with this users have to face several limitations and drawbacks of manual methods.

The common challenges faced by the users are listed below:

  1. Time-consuming and lengthy method.
  2. A complete technical and complex process with a number of steps.
  3. Novice users can not use it promptly.
  4. One of the major issues is that users have to face data loss.

Automated Methods:

The automated methods involve the use of professional utility or tools to ease the work. This method is less technical and gives you a hassle-free solution. Several tools are available in the market that work really well. You can acquire any of the Yahoo Backup tools according to your requirements. One such tool that I found to save emails from Yahoo mail to Computer is Yahoo Backup software. The prominent key-features of this tool that makes it one of the best among other tools are mentioned below:

Download Now

  • Backups Yahoo emails to the system and hard drives or even in USB cables.
  • Enables users to save the Yahoo mail to different formats such as- PST, EML, EMLX, MSG, HTML, CSV, TXT and many other formats easily.
  • Enables users to import the Yahoo mails directly to the Thunderbird, Outlook, Office 365, Gmail, etc.
  • It allows users to delete files after backups to save the server space.
  • This tool has an intuitive and interactive GUI so that the novice user can also use this tool swiftly and reliably.
  • The major relief that it provides to the user is that there is no any data-loss and alteration.


Here in this article, we have discussed how to save emails from Yahoo mail to Computer Both the manual as well as automated method is described. You can even convert Yahoo mail to office 365. The manual method is good to go, but has a lot of consequences that are risky for the crucial data stored in Yahoo mail. So to get rid of the limitations of the manual method, the Automated method is a good alternative way. But this is completely up to you to opt for any of the methods that suit your requirements best.

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